Industry of things

Machines can talk!
An activity that we are also focusing on is Industry 4.0.
More a variety of data from machines becomes more important.


Ewon Flexy: Unlimited connectivity

To connect the devices to the internet, we use Ewon.

We choose Ewon Flexy because of the guaranteed security of your data and your installation,
but also because we can build modularly according to your needs.

We can connect your device to the outside world both over a fixed Ethernet connection and over 4G and over Wifi.

Ewon supports both remote managment (logging in to a PLC) and data management (sending data to a portal of you or our portal.

We are also recognized by Ewon as a system integrator.

Remote factories: Extensive charts

Compose your own charts by selecting your most important measurements. Turn your data off over a period of time or zoom in on a detail to make the right analysis. Export your charts to SVG, PDF or CSV to get started later in office tools. Send an SMS or email with an alarm. More info on the link below:


Remote factories: Dashboarding

Using dashboards we can present your machine with live data. You can manage this completely yourself by importing a figure and placing the desired data points on the image.

Advanced reporting: Pluto Report

If you are looking for a tool to show live data, but also make advanced reports, Pluto Report is the solution. As an integrator, we set up the connections with the databases together with the reports. Pluto is a true client server solution that offers many possibilities for companies looking for a simple solution to share, manage and generate reports. The project runs on a secure server, users can install a Pluto client on their PC to view the reports, or create reports themselves.