System integrator process automation

Automastion solutions for process industry
Prolink-engineering BVBA is a system integrator specialized in industrial automation with the emphasis on process industry. We strongly believe that we can make the difference for our customers by thinking along with them in the process and in this way to achieve better and more efficient automation solutions. Your problems are our challenge!

Why would you choose us? We have a whole range of reasons

Personal touch

Due to the size of the company, you can enjoy a permanent team of people who support you throughout the entire process. We always guarantee the same level of execution, methods and dedication of our employees during all projects

Experience and process knowledge

Specialized in migration, upgrade and renewal of 24/7 continuous processes, Chemical processes such as biodiesel processes, acid processes, Support for machine builders, ...

Own standard

We enable companies to maintain their own standard in the field of PLC, SCADA / DCS, BATCH and MES software. This in combination with their trusted automation partner through good practices and standards for sustainable software maintenance

Veel communicatie

Wij geloven er sterk in dat wij voor onze klanten het verschil kunnen maken door samen met hen mee te denken in het proces en zo samen tot betere en efficiëntere automatiseringsoplossingen te komen. Door vele en duidelijke communicate verkrijgen we een sterker werkmodel en een beter eindresultaat!

Training & Certificering

Dit staat bij ons hoog aangeschreven. Als systeemintegrator van Siemens voor de procesautomatisering op basis van de Simatic Procescontrolesysteem(PCS 7) evenals Factory Automation (S7). Tenslotte hebben ook al onze engineers een VOL-VCA attest.


Wij garanderen steeds een hoog niveau van uitvoering, methodes en toewijding van onze werknemers gedurende alle projecten. Dit resulteert in een eindproduct van hoge kwaliteit dat zowel duurzaam als efficiënt is.

What services can we offer you?

Project engineering

From the start of the cycle we can support you in analyzing and documenting the technical feasibility of the project. So you never have to worry about the equipment, processes and installations that can be used. Because we have employees with each their specialization, we can support you in the entire process. This for small as larger project. Analysis (defining expectations, technical solutions and investment volume) Unsubscribe your standard and your expectations regarding visualization, construction sequences defenition typicals, Alarm processing, data history. (User Requirements) Design (designs of the analyzed items) Preparation process description to minimize the distance between your process engineers and automation people. Determination of main equipment and infrastructures Detailed engineering (specification of the equipment, processes and installations) Preparation of technical specifications of equipment and software to request quotations


Project development

Thanks to our extensive and specialized team (process engineering, instrumentation, control applications, network topologies, operational systems, ...) we can offer integrated solutions from a bottom-up approach. Our projects usually include: - Project study - Project management - Project development - To test - In service - Succession - Education - Documentation - Maintenance


We care about our customers., Through this service we also support them during and outside working hours. This with the aim of guaranteeing the correct operation of the system on the basis of the various maintenance services. We offer our customers 24/7 SLA which means that we are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in function of the guarantee of the system.